EFMAP (English for Morpheme and Phonology)

This page is for English education students of UNMA. Here yau can find information and download the materials related to EFMAF.

1. Syllabus of EFMAP  [download]

2. Discussion Groups

3. Some References

  • Edward Finegan, “Language: Its Structure and Use, Fifth Edition”
    Th..on W..orth | 2007 | ISBN: 1413030556 | 574 pages | PDF | 5,7 MB [download]
  • Mc Mahon, April. An Introduction to English Phonology [download]

4. Core materials

  1. Sound,Spelling&Symbol [download]
  2. Organ of speech [download]
  3. Place of articulation [download]
  4. Manner  of Articulation [download]
  5. Describing Vowels
  6. Phonetic Features

5. Description of Mid Test

  • Decribing consonants & vowels
  • Phonetic Transcriptions

6. videos


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